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One of the great things about going to Brook West Family Dentistry is you have a wide variety of excellent pain control methods, such as needle-free anesthesia. For certain procedures, the use of a needle is not necessary anymore to avoid the short-term discomfort that has historically been associated with dental care. When general anesthesia is not necessary, but a pain-free option is needed, the needle free anesthetic, Kovanaze, and Brook West Family Dentistry may be your best option.

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A Major Part of the Nervousness

One of the traditional jokes that has existed for years, concerning dental care, is the idea that the dentist pulls out a needle, in an effort to reduce the amount of pain you will be experiencing. Naturally, the needle itself is going to be uncomfortable, and this part of anesthesia was at an impasse for a very long time. No other options existed among local anesthetics, since one has to reach the nerve in order to cause it to stop sending signals for a while.

One problem was, even though the anesthetics that the needle provided was a serious positive, the adverse side effect would be almost as bad. There is a certain psychological terror that happens to many people when they both see the needle, up close and appearing enormous, and knowing that it is going to be piercing their gum tissue. That fear would cause any pain that might have existed to seem even worse, even though they were not physically feeling this pain.

Lack of Alertness : The Other Stigma

Another fear that people talked about less in the past was the idea of general anesthesia. Functionally speaking, this was just some gas and a nap. However, there were rumors of unscrupulous dentists doing less than professional things with patients while they slumbered.

A more functional fear is about what happens after the anesthetics officially wear off. Even hours later, it might not be safe to drive, operate heavy machinery, or make an important decision. This was a severe inconvenience to anyone who had to have complicated dental work done.

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Anethesia : An Old Leap Forward

Rather like the Moon landing, anesthetics were a giant leap for humankind. There had been a time when a person had only a few options at their disposal when it came to receiving any kind of dental care. One could choose to “tough it out” and take the chance of an ever-increasing level of infection, or at the very least end up with a terribly unhealthy mouth full of rotting teeth. One also had the option of getting drunk prior to any dental procedures that they might need, which carried risks of excessive bleeding and poorly thought out actions.

Perhaps the scariest part of old-fashioned dentistry was the notion that one could merely endure the pain of a procedure, since until relatively recently in history, there was were no such things as anesthetics and painkillers. Going to the dentist still very unjustly ranks among the greatest fears of for many people, up there with public speaking and spending large amounts of time with a person's in-laws. Fortunately, needle-free anesthetic, using Kovanaze, has helped take the old-fashioned fear out of dentistry.

Even with the original advent of pain reduction, numbing agents, and even general anesthesia, there were is still a wide-spread, general fear and anxiety of going to the dentist. Going to the dentist's office was an exercise in several different types of worries. The first fear was that there would be something terrible going on inside a person's mouth, literally right under their nose. The second fear was that they would either have to be rendered unconscious for the dentist to do who knows what to them while they slept, or that they would have to endure a giant needle being thrust into their mouth. Then there is the sound of the dentist's drill, which has been used in horror movies and haunted houses for years.

Modern Advancement

One modern advancement has been the fact that needles are no longer necessary for localized anesthesia or “numbing,” since a simple spray device is now a good alternative option for certain procedures. All the dentist has to do is point the nozzle at the area that is going to be worked on, and from there the process is a simple one. Without the needle, a significant portion of the fear that has traditionally been a part of dentistry is no longer an issue at all. Virtually no one has any concern or nervousness around a small sprayer device being sprayed in their mouth or nose. – it is as completely neutral as when the dentist sprays a bit of water into one's mouth to cleanse an area. The only difference is that this needle-free solution causes the area to be anesthetized. For nasal delivery, the sprayer is similar from an experience standpoint, to taking a nasal inhaler for allergies.

Advantages of Kovanaze

Kovanaze, as offered by Brook West Family Dentistry, works nearly all of the time, and avoids the potential fear and nervousness of seeing the dentist placing a long needle most of the way into your mouth.

Another great advantage that Kovanaze carries over needle based anesthetics is that in many cases, it does not cause the more widespread numbness throughout your mouth and face. Most people are well aware of “dentist face,” where a person cannot feel an entire section of their mouth, lips, and sometimes even a part of their face. With Kovanaze, you do not have this problem and can resume normal patterns without concern about accidentally injuring your mouth tissue by chewing or enduring social embarrassment from talking in an unusual fashion.

Proactive Dentistry

One great thing about how Brook West Family Dentistry handles your overall experience, including the use of the Kovanaze spray, is that all of the traditional fears are gone. You can be conscious, pain-free, and worry-free, no matter what dental procedures lie ahead for your smile journey.

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